Get rid of your IT gremlins.

Keep those pesky IT gremlins at bay with our guaranteed IT solutions. Let us take care of your IT support so you can keep on doing what you love.

Protect your data

Your data is everything and keeping it safe, secure and backed up is where we thrive.

With the latest in local and cloud backup technology and implementation, you can rest assured that your data is redundantly backed up, should anything happen to it.

Be online any time, any where

Whether you are in your home office or New York, Access your work and data effortlessly with our top 10 apps for business critical information, collaboration, and online workflows.

Reduce your on-site infrastructure and save costs with secure and beneficial cloud computing solutions and more.

Be your best - outsource the rest!

Running your business is your forte. Providing great IT support and business solutions is ours.

Don’t get sucked into tedious tasks and issues like handling IT gremlins when you can focus on doing what you do best! Leave the rest to us.

Why choose Thyme IT?

Get rid of your IT gremlins

with Thyme IT

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