As organizations strive for excellence in both process and operations, it is very important to use the right tools based on business priorities. But, having the right tools is just one layer to the foundation for business automation success and process excellence. It is equally important to have the right partner. Together, the right tools paired with the right partner set the stage for successful digital transformation.

The critical first step in business automation: process modeling

Modeling business processes is the critical first step in achieving digital transformation. Process modeling is an approach for non-technical business people to work across departments to visualize and understand their “as-is” process landscape. Once the business processes are modeled, companies are better able to pinpoint the bottlenecks, complexities and inefficiencies that are costing the business excess time and money. These discoveries can be used to optimize and automate workflows, helping businesses create efficiencies at scale.

The benefits of successful process modeling can include:

  • Business benefits totaling up to millions of US dollars
  • More business processes become fully modeled and engaged
  • Significant growth in user numbers and participation

Improved business processes can propel business growth

One largely traded software company saw significant growth in their pursuit of process excellence by recognizing the importance of the right partner and tools at the beginning of their digital transformation journey. First, they selected Salient Process to partner and IBM Blueworks Live as the right tool to reach their process excellence goals. The challenge they faced required them to document and catalog the entire organization’s business processes. They also needed to create a centralized, common repository that was easy to use; enable process improvement; and speed business automation.

With Salient, the client felt they possessed the level of experience with new users and in operational efficiency needed to meet their business goals. Initially, Salient helped train and enable the clients to incorporate new users before providing consulting services to help them build out reports and dashboards to extend the visibility and value to the IBM Blueworks Live footprint.

Salient Process provided best practices, proven methodologies and a unique technology accelerator called BlueworksInsights to better enable the client team.

This particular client started with 15 users, with a plan to double that within a year. However, after only a few months it became clear that the team was far exceeding even their most aggressive estimates. By the end of the sixth month, the client added more than 500 new users and has steadily grown since then.

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