Thyme IT Technology Road Show - How Technology can optimise your Business

Join us on 25 January 2019 from 9:30 – 12:30 for our quarterly Technology Road Show and discover how technology can help you maximise your time and profit. Special discounts and give aways on the day.

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Are you overwhelmed by the process of moving your business to the digital age? Join our roadshow to see how easy it can be.

What is Business Automation?

Many of the processes that happen on a regular basis can now be automated.
Automation isn’t at a place yet where it can completely replace humans but we are getting close. As we are moving into the age of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics many of the functions that use to be performed by humans are now done with machines and software. Luckily for us the clever people built easy to use, cloud based applications that everyone can use.

Who should join?

  • If you are interested in finding out if some of your business processes such as admin, accounting, client engagement and after sales service can be automated.
  • If you don’t have these processes in place because you don’t have someone to do it and you are to busy. Now you don’t need someone
  • You are overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done and not getting to everything
  • You don’t have any free time
  • You know what to do to increase the profits of the business but can’t seem to get to it
  • You know what needs to be done but people aren’t doing it

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Watch this short video to see how Amazon automated an entire store

  • Voice over IP

    Learn how Voice over IP can improve your business and what you should be paying

  • Cloud Accounting

    Run your accounting system in the cloud with increased security and business continuity

  • Cloud Forms and Auto Responders

    How much of your business still uses paper trails. Learn how cloud forms can eliminate that

  • Office 365 and Sharepoint

    The need for big and expensive servers are becoming a thing of the past. Now all you documents and email can be accessed online

  • What a fully automated business looks like

    We are going to end of by showing you what all this looks like when linked together

Every business should join but if you aren’t sure and need more info then please complete the contact form below

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