Cornwall Food & Beverage Company (Pty) Ltd
187 Main RD

The Cornwall Food and Beverage Company is a young innovative organisation that was founded in 2012, and which produces high quality, value for money products from our factory in Newlands, Johannesburg.

The company was started by CEO Craig Mackenzie, who has harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit with his vast knowledge and experience in both the food and beverage industries.

Cornwall Food and Beverage Company is a brand building manufacturing facility that produces products of the very highest quality, in both the food and beverage markets.

The company consists of two separate businesses, Cornwall Foods and Cornwall Beverages. These two businesses are run as two autonomous units but do, however, benefit from the pooling of management expertise, and where appropriate the sharing of certain essential functions and facilities.

Cornwall Food and Beverages Company produces house products for a number of prestigious clients, including the Spar group, Ultra Liquors and Famous Brands.
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The Lemon Company
1351 Staal Street
Stormill x2

The Lemon Company was established in 2007 by Michael Van Zijl. Michael has been in the Baking, Catering and Restaurant industry since 1995 and is passionate about service excellence and quality. Being an efficient and dynamic company The Lemon Company devotes itself to the bulk supply of baking and catering ingredients. We dedicate ourselves to providing premium ingredients to all sectors of the baking, catering & manufacturing industry. The Lemon Company also re-pack ingredients into smaller pack sizes for the house wife and Home Industry sector. Our aim is to provide all our customers with the perfect quality at a competitive price, giving the best service wherever possible.
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086 430 7450